Dental Care Treatments

• Dental Implants
• Crown and Bridgework
• Tooth-Coloured Fillings
• Tooth Whitening
• Periodontal Dentistry
• Preventive Dentistry
• Sedation
• Endodontic Care
• Hygienist Services
• TMD (Jaw Pain) Therapy
• Facial Rejuvenation (Fine Lines & Wrinkles)
• Veneers
• Anti-Snoring Treatment
• Dentures


Your Treatment, Our Care

All of us at St. Clements Dental Care are proud of the standard of dental care we provide for you, our patients. It is important that you receive the time, care and attention that we would expect for ourselves. All our staff are trained to provide dental care at its best. We constantly strive to make sure that we are not only using the most up-to-date and appropriate techniques, but also that you receive this in a comfortable, safe and appropriate way.

It is also important that we listen to you. We aim to discuss with you all the treatment options in full and help you to make an informed choice for you care.

Our fees are based on the cost of providing the high standard of care that we consider appropriate for you. We will always endeavour to give you an accurate estimate of the costs for your dental care. Please see our costs section for a current fee scale.

It is also important to us that our patients have the opportunity to give us feedback. This way we can constantly improve our service to suit you.



NHS Children’s Dentistry

Free for each child in your family up to age 18 years.

FREE Second Opinion

Receive a no-cost opinion on your dental condition. It’s a great way to
meet our uniquely caring team!



Denplan Care from £4.59/week

Click here for more information about Denplan.




A £4.59/week

B £6.92/week

C £9.35/week

D £13.59/week

E £30.26/week


Denplan Essentials


Dental Treatment has a 10% discount


Pay As You Go

Exam ~ £31.50   •   Cleaning ~ £34.65


New Patient Consultation

(Was £95.97) Now £76.50


Metal Filling ~ from £78.75


White Filling ~ from £78.75


Hygienist (Cleaning) ~ from £34.65

£69.30 per half hour.


Crown ~ from £800


Night Guard and Mouthguard ~ from £52.50

Plus laboratory fee.



Acrylic ~ £1,008   •   Chrome ~ £1,115


Implant Consultation £157.50

Implant ~ approximately £2,500


Teeth Whitening

Now £315

Gel 3 Syringes ~ £38   •   6 Syringes ~ £76



Consultation Free of Charge then £300 per Syringe

An assessment consultation is required before treatment.



Free Consultation   •   Two Session Treatment ~ £275


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