Denplan Dentist in Reydon Southwold

Denplan is a private capitation scheme, which for the payment of a fixed monthly fee, helps you budget for regular preventive dental care without the fear of costly and unexpected bills. St. Clements Dental Care is the only Denplan Excel accredited practice in the Southwold and Reydon area. Denplan Excel is an advanced accreditation programme for dentists to help support clinical governance and professional regulation.

How does Denplan Cover Work?

The scheme is a contract between you and your dentist. Denplan administrates this by collecting your subscription; a small part of this is used to pay for insurance cover provided by Denplan and the remainder is paid to the practice. This means that your dentist can concentrate on the continuing needs of your dental health, rather than the actual amount of treatment you may need at any one time. The key advantage being that time can be spent on quality preventive care.

How is the Level of My Subscription Calculated?

You are scored in relation to the number of fillings, root fillings, crowns and dentures you may have. The condition of your gums, the supporting structures of the dentition and your oral hygiene also attract a score. The total score will place you in one of the five bands with a corresponding subscription rate. (See below)

What is Covered as a Denplan Patient?

All routine examinations, radiographs, preventive treatment and hygienists appointments are covered. Also covered are all fillings and root fillings, extractions, emergency treatment and treatment following an injury. The provision of crowns, bridges and dentures are covered but the patient will have to meet the technician’s charges (lab fee).

What is Not Covered?

Not covered by Denplan are the laboratory fees where a technician is used, implants, orthodontics and treatment of a purely cosmetic nature, and the first £15 of the charges for out-of-hours emergencies or emergencies when you are away from home.

Your Quality Assurance

Denplan_Excel_logo-webWe are proud that in 2011 our practice was awarded Denplan Excel status.

Denplan Excel is supported by the Patients Association. This is a prestigious award and provides a visible sign of our commitment to quality and proves to our practice members, our patients, fellow dentists and the general public that we have reached the exacting standards set by the Denplan Excel programme.

Not only does it demonstrate that the quality of care, treatment and service that we provide is among the best available, but that you will be safe with the knowledge that our practice not only meets, but even exceeds standards of clinical governance, statutory requirements and industry best practice recommendations.

The Denplan Excel accreditation Programme bases its quality assurance on a consistent Statement of Principles to which all accredited dentists are asked to commit:

      We commit to the measurement of clinical effectiveness and oral health and to ensuring that this is communicated back to patients, both individually and as a group.

We will support patients in knowing what is being done, and why, to maximise their opportunity for improving oral health.

We care what our patients feel and think about the practice and will listen to, and act upon, their views and opinions.

We are committed to opening our practice and procedures to regular independent monitoring and to act upon the results.

We undertake to practice using the most appropriate procedures and dental knowledge and to ensure both the dentist and practice team are up-to-date with the latest dental and customer care techniques.

The Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme is the only independently validated clinical governance peer assessment. In a recent survey 90% of Excel dentists that “Denplan Excel is a good clinical governance compliance tool”

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